Bettering Our Stores and Communities

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Reducing Waste

Supermarkets have the potential to generate hundreds of tons of food, packaging, and other waste per month. We strive to buck that trend.

Our first priority is to feed the hungry. Our Commerce Park location alone sends nearly 1,600 pounds of food each week to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Food that can’t go to the Food Bank is further source-separated for animal feed. After that, other organic waste, such as corn husks, damaged produce and expired bread, gets sent locally to New Milford Farms, a licensed commercial composting facility.

New to our Norwalk location, we are working with Southington-based Quantum BioPower. Through a process called anaerobic digestion, Quantum BioPower can compost food while also capturing natural gasses that they then convert to energy.

All these efforts mean that our Cingari Family ShopRites divert nearly 12,000 tons of waste a year. That’s like keeping material with the weight of a 767 jumbo jet out of landfills – every month.

Cingari Family ShopRite’s efforts on behalf of the environment don’t stop there. We also recycle paper packaging, plastics, metals, plastic grocery bags, and register receipt cores. The cardboard alone in that list weighs more than eight million pounds.

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Keeping Our Communities Clean with Green Teams

To us, sustainability doesn’t stop at reducing waste. It’s also about being deeply involved in improving the communities where we live and work. At all Cingari Family ShopRite locations, we have Green Teams.

Green Teams are associates that watch over all of our sustainability practices in-store. They also go out and volunteer in the communities we serve.
Green Team projects have included:

  • Cleaned up Cove Beach in Stamford
  • Maintained plantings and grounds at the Ansonia Nature Center
  • Cleaned up Norwalk River, in Norwalk CT
  • Landscaped sports fields at the Boys and Girls Club of Shelton


Upcycling In Our Stores

Did you know nearly 1.3 billion tons of food gets wasted every year? That’s nearly 30% of all food produced globally. At Cingari Family ShopRite, we upcycle ingredients in-store every day that might look imperfect, but are still perfectly delicious!